About APAGI Ireland

What is APGAI Ireland all about?

APGAI-Ireland is a non political all-Ireland body. All persons – regardless of age, gender, culture, disability, language, racial origin or religious beliefs – have the right to be treated equally and with dignity.
Our History:

APGAI-Ireland was founded in October 2001, at the instigation of the Central Fisheries Board.

A meeting was held in Navan, County Meath, with Irish Advanced Professional Game Angling Instructors, from both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland (qualified in UK). It had come to light that these members were not covered by British Insurance.

It was felt that the island of Ireland should have its own, properly constituted and insured, governing body for Game Angling Instructors which would develop and maintain the highest international standards.

Our Aims:

To establish and maintain a high standard of knowledge, skill and teaching ability for Game Angling Instruction.

To promote the association and recognition of the professional competence of its members among the angling public and relevant organisations/bodies both nationally and internationally

Our Members:

A member may be qualified in any one, two or all three disciplines, but may only teach in the discipline(s) in which they are qualified. Assessments for membership of the association which are held annually are rigorous and demanding. In addition to being able to perform all the casts outlined in the syllabus, the candidate must show skills in tuition. This is assessed by demonstrating the various faults associated with each cast and their correction. The candidate must demonstrate a high standard of teaching ability and safety awareness. The three disciplines are shown below.

Single Handed Casting & Fishing (SH)
Double Handed Casting & Fishing (DH)
Fly Dressing (FD)

We have drawn up a Constitution, Code of Practice, Child Protection Policy, Safety Statement, Safety Guidelines and a syllabus for each of the three disciplines in Game Angling Instruction.

Most importantly, the association has obtained insurance which covers all members whilst giving tuition or guiding.

All members (and prospective members) must hold a current Police ‘certificate of character’. Should you wish to contact any of our members please use the Find a Member link above or alternatively, contact the Hon. Secretary at info@apgai-ireland.ie